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District Council of Child Welfare, Rewari was established in April 1990. District Child Welfare Council is running following programmes for the welfare and growth of children.

BALWARI PROGRAMME: District Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) is running 9 Balwadis in the rural areas. About 360 children of the age group 3-6 years are getting benefit of pre-school education, routine health check-up, nutrition, play and other related activities.

CRECHE PROGRAMME: DCCW is running 11 creches in rural areas for the children of 0-5 years age group whose parents are working. About 212 children are being benefited. Most of the children are of working labour couples.

ANGANWADI WORKERS TRAINING CENTRES DCCW is running a training center for Anganwadi workers in the district, following type of training is imparted as & when required.

  1. Orientation courses for 14 days.
  2. Basic training courses for 3 months.
  3. Basic Nutritive food and Health foundation courses for 4 months.

Drug awareness counseling and Assistance center has been running since April 1994. Till date 1884 addicts have availed the services of this center.


A school named “Bal-Bhawan School” upto 5th standard is being run by the child welfare council in the campus of Bal-Bhawan. To provide quality education to the children, well qualified teachers are providing their services and class strength is restricted upto 25 children. About 100 children are on rolls in the school.


SUPERVISED HOME WORK CLASSES (SHWC) So far 8 SHWC centers have been organized and functioning in the rural areas of the district. Task of these SHWCs is to provide teaching aid after school time for the students of primary standard, mainly those belonging to the economical weaker sections of the society . At present 76 poor children are getting benefit of the scheme.


Distt Council is running three children ‘s Libraries in rural areas. About 250 students are benefiting from this.

PLAY-GROUND Distt. council has established 6 play grounds benefiting hundreds of children.

JUVENILE HOME Distt. council for child welfare is running a Juvenile Home for destitute children up to the age of 6 years. At present 40 children are lodged there. Children are being provided free education, clothing, food ,residence,social security and vocational education.

OBSERVATION HOME The Council is running an observation home for children upto the age of 16 years. Destitute children are given shelter for short period maximum up to 3 months. After this period if no clamaint appears, the child is transferred to the destitute home.

HOBBY CLASSES Bal- Bhawan, Rewari is running following Hobby Classes for children :-

  1. Painting
  2. Music
  3. Dance
  4. Tae- Kowando
  5. Yoga
  6. Boxing
  7. Badminton

About 412 children are getting benefit of these Hobby Classes.

REPRODUCTIVE AND CHILD HEALTH PROGRAMMEWe are running a RCH Programme under which our objective is to spread awareness amongst the masses about Reproductive and child health. We have arranged Nukkad Nataks (street theatre) in 150 villages through Kala Jathas. Total 18 Mahila workshops on RCH have been organised in the Distt. Rewari in 1999-2000.


Following welfare activities are carried out by the society in the district:

Facility of X-ray films : In General Hospital (GH), free of cost facility of X-ray films are given to the down trodden &nominal charges are taken from general patients.

Ambulance facility : Ambulance services (from GH) are provided free of cost to poor and orphan patients otherwise Rs.3.50 per KM are charged for 24 hours. On National highway an ambulance facility has been provided to take victims, if any, to Dharuhera hospital.First-Aid Education(in industries) : First-Aid education is given to workers in industries situated on the national highway. 15 Ambulance Brigades have been established in district.

Blood Bank : A Blood Bank has been run by Red Cross society in GH Rewari, for availability of blood, Red Cross arranges Blood donation camps for procurement of blood time and again.

Health checkup and Health awareness : Red Cross have one Medical Officer and one District Training Officer who provide health knowledge by organizing the health checkup camps.

Immunization Programme : Immunization & family welfare schedules are executed by ANMs twice a week.

AIDS Awareness Camp : In Rewari and Bawal this Programme has been started.

Junior Red Cross : Every School in the district has established Junior Red Cross wing which provides free clothes,Books, Medicines to 3000 Students per year.

Balwadi and Stitching Center have been established for poor & rural ladies, yet 2 Balwadi & 2 Stitching Center are running.

Facilities to the Handicapped : Every year, wheel Chairs, tri cycles & hearing aids of Rs. 10 lacs are provided to handicapped.

Dy.Commissioner, Rewari is distributing Tricycles to  handicapped

Help to Widows : Poor and widow ladies are provided with stitching machines, suitable occupation and help in their daughters marriage. In winter blankets are distributed to the poors.

Natural Calamities & Accident:Help is provided to the victims of Natural Calamities & Accident cases in terms of medical facilities,money and other related material.

Family Planning Programme: Tubectomy and Vesectomy camps are organized every month.

Rehabititation Centre: Every year 300-400 Handicapped people are benefitted from surgical shoes & artificial limbs.5-10 patients get operated by Orthopatic Surgeon every month.

Dy.Commissioner Rewari is distributing surgical shoes to handicapped.

District Rehabilitation Centre- Provides following facilities for Handicapped Persons:- Artificial Limbs,- Above & below Knee Prostheris &, Cosmetic gloves (For Fingers Amputation). For polio patients calipers, HKAFO, KAFO, AFO are provided. For low Baulme- Taylar Brace, Lumbo Sucral Belt. Tricycles , Wheel Chairs & hearing aids are provided.

Physiotherapy Centre cure for following diseases

  1. Cervical Spendolytis.
  2. Lumber Spendolytis (Plus)
  3. Frozen Shoulder
  4. Hemiparasis
  5. Low Bauhue
  6. Pelvic Inflammation
  7. Tenis Ethow
  8. Sports Injury
  9. All Joints mobilization. (After Removing Plaster)




Under the Project of Self employment Rural Women are being imparted training for plantations.


An unprecedented number of High-Profile development works costing around Rs. 6.57 Crores are being executed in the rural & urban areas of the district Rewari by the development works executing agencies. 122 development works are being executed under HRDF scheme costing around Rs. 2.09 Crores. Approximately 300 number of workes have been taken under PRI scheme of estimated cost of Rs. 1.62 crores and remaining works are ongoing under EAS, D.Plan, MP-LAD, 10th Finance schemes etc. whose cost is around Rs. 2.86 crores MAJOR development works are listed below.

  • Beautification of Moti Chowk in the city Rewari.
  • Construction of a building for Primary Health Centre at NAHAR.
  • Veterinary Hospital for villages Gamari & Gugodh.
  • Repair and construction of roads in the municipal areas of Rewari namely Krishna Nagar, housing board etc.
  • Sewerage system for Shakti Nagar colony Rewari.
  • Removal of sewerage water collection from Sector-3 Rewari.
  • Installation of electricity TRANSFORMERS in the villages Hansaka, Kalaka, Karnawas, Tankri, Karoli, Jhal, Chhawa, Bawwa.
  • Construction of LINK ROADS between villages:
    • Khargwas to Chimnawas
    • Nahar to Gamri
    • Nathera to Kosli
    • Bisoha to Karoli
    • Naichana to Kaldawas
  • Drinking water Supply to the villages Khori, Goliyaki, Husianpur etc.
  • Construction of Water Course from near by canal to village Jhadoda
  • Water supply to the canals & ponds for the villages Laduwas,Goliyaki Tihara and Jat Bhurthal.
  • DESERT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: is being executed by means of developing watersheds. Rs. 33.75 lacs is to be executed in this financial year
  • Works of Rs. 28.00 lacs are to be executed under EAS .
  • Under 10th finance scheme Rs. 9 lacs is being utilized in the Municipal Committee area for construction of link roads & for development of children & energy park in Model Town Rewari.
  • DECENTRALIZE PLANNING : Under D. Plan.. amount of rs. 53.93 lacs is under utilization for various development works in the district i.e.


AMOUNT (in Rupees)


MC Rewari

14.03 lacs

Construction,repair of roads,streets,Boundary walls.

MC Bawal

1.52 lacs

As above


7.30 lacs

As above

BDPO Jatusana

7.03 lacs

As above

BDPO Rewari

10.34 lacs

As above

BDPO Nahar

7.22 lacs

As above

BDPO Bawal

6.25 lacs

As above

  • MP LAD development works of costing Rs. 29.68 lacs are ongoing in rural areas   out of the scheme of MP Local Area Development scheme through BDPOs.
  • Various Roads are being constructed using grants of Rs. 1.22 Crores of Mkt. Board Rewari.
  • Estimates of Rs. 1.019 crores for constructions of various Buildings & Roads Has been sent to government for necessary sanctions.
  • Under PRI scheme total available funds of Rs. 1.6275 crores have been distributed amongest following executing agencies for development works like repair of rural roads,streets drains and boundary walls etc.


AMOUNT   (in Rupees)


Xen PWD (B&R)

81.31 lacs

Repair of 21 rural roads

Zila Parishad

8.14 lacs

Construction,repair of roads, streets,Drains & Boundary walls.


13.31 lacs

As above

BDPO Jatusana

16.12 lacs

As above

BDPO Rewari

18.34 lacs

As above

BDPO Nahar

12.50 lacs

As above

BDPO Bawal

13.03 lacs

As above



DISTRICT RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY is an apex organization, implementing various centrally sponsored rural development programs of Ministry Of Rural Development, Govt. Of India. These programs are categorized as under:-

  • Self –Employment Programs
  • Wage-Employment Programs
  • Area Development Programs
  • Social Assistance Programs

These programs are aimed at alleviation of poverty of families (living below poverty –line) by providing them self-employment and wage-employment and also by development of natural resources like, land, water and vegetation. Self-employment programs, through a package, help a family to cross the poverty-line within three years. Wage-employment programs help a poor family to earn wages, those who are in need of work. Area development programs help in conservation of natural resources and raising their productivity through their optimum use.The programs are as detailed below

  1. Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY): This is a restructured programm w.e.f. 01-04-1999. Under this program the families below poverty are given assistance for taking up self-employment ventures in order to cross poverty line within next 3 years.
  2. Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana (JGSY): The erstwhile Jawahar Rozgar Yojana has been restructured and named as JGSY. The main objectives of the programmed are:-
    1. Creation of Community Durable Productive assets/infrastructure at village level and creation of productive assets exclusively for SC/ST for sustained employment.
    2. Generation of supplementary employment to the unemployed poor.
  1. Indira Awas Yojana(IAY): Under the program houses a cost of Rs.20,000/- are constructed for the families having no shelter and living below poverty line. W.e.f. 01-04-1999, one more component i.e. Upgradation of unserviceable houses has been introduced. Rs.10,000/- will be given for upgradation which will include smokeless chulha and a toilet. 20% of the total allocation under the program will be spent on this component. A house will include dwelling unit along with kitchen, smokeless chulha and a toilet.
  2. Credit-cum-Subsidy Scheme of Rural Housing (CCSSRH):This is a new scheme, introduced w.e.f. from 01-04-1999. A family upto a income of Rs.32,000/- p.a. will be eligible to get a bank loan of upto Rs. 40,000/- and subsidy upto Rs.10,000/-.
  3. Employment Assurance Scheme(EAS): This is an ambitious wage employment and need based programmed introduced from 01-11-1993 and restructured w.e.f. 01-04-1999. The objectives of the programmed are as under:-
    1. The primary objective is creation of additional wage employment opportunities during the period of acute shortage of wage employment through manual work for the rural poor living below poverty line.
    2. The secondary objective is the creation of durable community, social and economic assets for sustainable employment and development


Agriculture Water Harvesting Structure developed by DRDA    in village Nangal Jamalpur.

  1. Desert Development Program (DDP): The program of watershed development on the basis of watershed common guidelines was started in the district w.e.f. 01-04-1995. The objectives of the program are as under:-

To promote the economic development of the village community.

    1. Through optimum utilization of watershed natural resources like; land, water and vegetation.
    2. By generating employment and development of human and other economic resources.

To encourage the restoration of ecological balance

    1. To sustained community action.
    2. By applying simple, easy and affordable technological solutions and institutional arrangements.

Special emphasis to improve the economic and social condition of the resource poor.

    1. a.through more equitable distribution of benefits of WSD.
    2. b.By great access to income generating opportunities.



The main objective of Animal Husbandry Department is to increase average yielding capacity of livestock and poultry such as milk, eggs, wool and meat by under taking various programme like cattle and Buffalo development, fodder development and health coverage to livestock and poultry. According to livestock census 1992 the district has following species with their numbers as under



No. of Animals



































Birds/ poultry


To look after the above population of livestock of poultry and their development Rewari distt.has got the following number of institution.

  • Civil Vety. Hospitals—6
  • Hospital Cum Breeding Centres—7
  • Artificial Insemination Centre—4
  • Civil Vety Dispensaries—31
  • Stockman Centres/ Key Village units—30
  • Sheepand Wool Extension Centre—2
  • Poultry Extension Centre—1
  • Total No. of Institution—81
  • Diagnostic Labs at Block Level—5

For the Upgradation of milchy animals performance-Artificial Insemination of Cattle and Buffaloes is being done with the semen of proven bulls of Haryana breed of Cattle and Murrah bulls of Buffalo as per state breeding policy. However provision of exothic semen is also there at few focal points with the nominal Govt. levy of Rs.15/- and Rs.30/- for the upgradation of wool and meat quality of sheep Rans of Hisar dale/ mixied by birds are supplied to sheep breeders in Khol and Kosli area.

Cattle Care Health camps and control of contagious Diseases:-

Round the year Cattle care camps are being organised in the villages to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, preventive vaccination is being carried out in every village free of cost against all diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Poultry except Foot and Mouth disease of cattle and buffaloes and rabies are being carried out at subsidised rates decided by the deptt. from time to time.



Agriculture is the main source of economy in the district. The land is sandy. After the networking of canals and tubewells, the district has done remarkable progress in agriculture. The total cultivable area in the district is 1,28,041 hectares and the total cropped area remains 1,90,674 hectares. Although the total irrigated area in the district is approx. 94,262 hect, however with the introduction of sprinkler irrigation system, the irrigation for the uneven fields have become very easy. The statistics is as under:




Total Cultivable Area



Total Croped Area



Net Area Sown



No of Tractors



No of Sprinkler Sets



No of Tubewell



Irrigated Area 94262 Hects.







There are two major crops in the district that is KHARIF & RABI . The crops of Bajra & Guar are swon during the Kharif season and Crops of Wheat , Gram , Barley & Oil seeds are swon during Rabi season. Irrigation facilities are improving day-by-day in the district, resultantly the crops of vegetables also swon in some parts of the district.

Consumption of FERTILIZER of Nitrogen, Phosphors and Potasium for one average y year in the district remains, N-32923 Metric Tone (MT),P – 20266 MT & K - 246 MT respectively.

The major source of IRRIGATION in the district are canals , tubewells (Diesel & Electricity). There is a network of canals of 545.433 Km long including minor distributaries in the district. Besides that Sprinkler sets, Bandhs and Ponds are also used for irrigation in some parts of the district.

To meet out the specific research needs of arid zone of the area the challenges of rainfed agriculture in south-west Haryana ,a Regional Research Station(RRS) of Haryana Agriculture University Hisar has been set up in the Bawal town of the district. The RRS Bawal has well equipped research laboratories of agronomy, soils, physiology, plant protection and horticulture. Besides that there is soil and water testing laboratory. There is also a well equipped seminar-cum-training hall along with a staff of 20 scientists of different specialization. On the basis of research many hybrids/cultivars have been released and experiment is ongoing.

KRISHI VIGAYN KENDRA is also running in the district to provide time to time trainings and need based knowledge to the farmers of the districts for better crop yields. Govt provides better fertilizers and seeds on subsidized rates to the farmers well in time as and when required.

INDO-ITALIAN AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT is being implemented Since 1985 to boost the production of Millet, Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetables & horticulture crops per unit area in the dry South-Westren part of Haryana that consists of whole distt Rewari and part of distt Mahendergarh.

The main objectives of the project are as under

  • Economic upliftment of backward areas and poor sections of the society.
  • Optimization of Land Use.
  • Removal of regional imbalances.
  • Improvement of gross national income.
  • Encouragement of exports.
  • Improvement of environment and soil consurvation.
  • Creation of more employment opportunities in the rural areas.
  • Provision of essential vegetable/horticulture products for productive diet and nutrition and thereby to relieve pressure on pulses and other food grains.

To achieve these objectives the project activities are implemented on the interest amount earned every year on revolving funds of Rs. 2.0 crores of the agency deposited in the banks. An amount of Rs. 3,91,61,000/- has been incurred upto 30.11.1999. on implementation of various schemes enumerated below since the year 1985.

  1. To layout adaptive trails/demonstrations plots for popularizing the latest tchnology.
  2. To distribute the high yielding, improved and hybrid of seeds of green fodder vegetable and fruit crops against 50% subsidized rates in order to enhance horticulture & vegetable production.
  3. To distribute improved agriculture implements and the monoblock/diesal engine Punping sets on 25% or Rs. 2000/- whichever is less to maximize the use of underground water resources as no perennial source of irrigation exists in the project area.
  4. To distribute the metallic storage bins and insecticides/pesticides and other plant Protection equipments to farmers on 50% subsidy to protect the agriculture produces from the losses due to the attack of stored grai pests
  5. To acquaint the farmers with the latest technology through conducting farmers training camps.




The function of Haryana Warehousing Corporation (HWC) at Rewari is to provide scientific storage of agricultural produces,seeds, manures fertilizers & notified commodities offered by the individuals, co-operative socities and other institutions with in the total storage capacity of 11650 MT.

Keeping in view the growth of industries & export-import of their products the HWC is engaged vigorously in the process of setting up of an ICD at Rewari on 32 Acres of land spread along with the Rewari-Jaipur railway track. This ICD is being setup with joint coloboration of CONCOR (Container Corporation of India) which is likely to commence very shortly. This ICD shall caters the need of export-import of nearby industrial towns like Kund, Bawal, Bhiwadi, Dharuhera, Behror, Shahjahpur , Nemrana etc . and will provide them single window clearance facility for export –import of all types of cargo in the days to come with rail terminal facilities. However, on behalf of this ICD the task of export-import has already been started at Rewari from its mke-shift arrangement by way of conversion of its conventional type godowns eg. Exporters of KUND are using this facility for slate stone exporting to tughlkabad and further the trailers off loaded to the first departing trains to gatway ports, thus facilitating the quickest movement of cargo.

IOC –Tap Off Point (TOP) at Rewari




  • Rewari Top is the fifth Tap off point on Kandla bhatinda pipeline (KBPL)at a distance of 983 kms from Kandla . Total length of KBPL is 1443 kms , which includes a branch of 112 kms from KOT to Salawas (Rewari). Pipeline fill from Kandla to Rewari is 2,22,823 kls and it takes about 10 days for product to reach Rewari from kandla .
  • The Terminal is situated at a distance of 4 Km from Rewari city on Rewari-Bawal- state highway and spread over area of 98.4 acre . Out of which 14.3 acres are with pipeline division & rest 84.1 acres under marketing division.
  • The Terminal was commissioned on 30.03.1996 when product was bridged from Bijwasan in Tank Lorries.
  • First Pipeline parcel was received on 25.04.1996 . It was of HSD.
  • Lorry Filling started from 01.05.1996 for HSD.
  • SKO loading started on 19.08.1996 .
  • SKO parcel first received on 13.06.98.
  • First MS Tank Truck From KANDLA received on 22.09.1997.
  • MS loading started on 24.11.1997.
  • ULP loading started on 10.10.1998.
  • ERD was conducted on 22.10.98
  • Bulk lube oil tanks flushed on 11.11.98 & 12.11.98
  • 505A FR tank commissioned on diesel on 01/01/1999
  • DG set 500KVA no. A burnt on 31.12.98
  • Alternator of 500 KVA DG set no. B REINSTALLED ON 02/01/99
  • FIRST BULK LUBE lorry of SUPERIOR 20W40 UNLOADED ON 12/01/99 and subsequently S.GEAR 80W90 lorry received.
  • Supply to MARUTI UDYOG LTD. Of HSD started from Rewari on 18/02/99 and that of ULP on 15.03.99.
  • BTM, Bhiwani has reduced its HSD consumption as it has started taking BLACK OILS from HISSAR Depot.

SALES AREA: At present Rewari Top is meeting the HSD and SKO demand of seven districts of Haryana that is Rewari, Mahendergarh,Gurgaon,Faridabad Rohtak, Bhiwani and Jhajjar.

In addition to above on dealer demand , we are also supplying to some of the consumers in Bhiwani , Rohtak , Rewari, Gurgaon in Haryana And Alwar Distt. in Rajasthan . PLT is being given to HPCL , BPCL & IBP Co. Ltd. regularly.


Man Power

Total Strength






Storage Capacity

MS (present)

3 X 3820

11,460 KL


2 X 8600

17,200 KL


3 X 3610

10,830 KL


3 X 14,450

43,350 KL



















MS( N+U)












  1. Daily off-take (Average ) : 2800 to 3200s.
  2. Total number of lorries filled daily : 170 – 220.
  3. Average loading time for a 12 KL T/T : 13 – 15 minutes.
  4. Total No. of Filling Stations :24
  5. Filling capacity in single shift : 432 Lorries

Lube Barrel Yard : Total area is 8170 sq. Meters



Discharge rate


2 x 150 KL / hr


2 x 316 KL / hr


5 X 356 KL / hr


3 X 18 KL / hr

Tank Lorry Fillng shed : Total 24 bays .


No. of bays

Bay no.



1 & 2



3 & 5



4 & 6 -> 20



21 to24


  • Electric siren 2 nos.
  • Hand siren 4 nos.
  • Break glass unit 28


  • To maintain the echological balances approx 13000 plants have been planted
  • A Rose garden has been developed with the 800 different type of plants

A major portion of land has been developed as a lawn.



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