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Right To Information Act - 2005

RTI http://web1.hry.nic.in/rtiharyana


Particulars of Organization

Power and Duties of Officers/Employees

Distribution of work - Rules, Regulations for discharge of functions

Directory of officers/employees

Other Usefull Information

Particulars of PIOs

RTI ACT 2005


RTI Information Provided from Tehsil Rewari

1. Amrish Kumar                                            Application       Reply

2. Bhoop Singh s/o Ram Kumar                   Application       Reply

3. Harinder Dingra                                         Application       Reply

4. Krishna Devi w/o Manphool Singh          Application       Reply

5. Manish Raj Adv                                          Application       Reply

6. P.R. Malhotra                                             Application       Reply

7. Pratap Saini Adv                                        Application       Reply

8. Raj Kumar s/o Girdhari                           Application       Reply

9. Ram singh s/o Mangeram                       Application       Reply

10. Ramesh Kumar s/o Bhagwan Singh    Application       Reply

11. Ranbir Singh s/o Brij Lal                       Application       Reply

12. Ravinder                                                  Application       Reply

13. Ravinder Khola                                       Application       Reply

14. Sudha Rani                                              Application       Reply

15. Suraj Bhan Chunni Lal                          Application       Reply

16. Vinod Kumar s/o Jai Lal                      Application       Reply

17. Vishal Bhardwag                                   Application       Reply

18. Yogender God                                       Application       Reply

19. Harinder Dingra                  Application and Reply    A     B

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