Powers & Duties of Officers and Employees


Details of the Powers and Duties of Officers and employees of the Deputy Commissioner office:-




Establishment Section


1.   Administrative control over all Government Head of Offices,   Corporation, Boards, Autonomous bodies in the District and   inspection of District Treasury, District Jail and Police Stations.

2.  Watching the working of all Govt. Deptts. In the District as well    as boards, corporations, autonomous bodies and institutions in the District.

3.  Writing the A.C. Rs of All Head of Offices in the District.

4.  Appointment of Clerks and Class IV in the office.

5.  Reviewing the A.C.Rs of Assistant & A.S.R.

6.  A.C.R. accepting and conveying authority of Clerk & Class-IV in the office.

7.  Punishing Authority of Clerks & Class-IV in the office

8.  Seniority List of class-IV employees of the office

9.  Grant of ACP scales to Class-IV and Clerks.

   10.  Promotion of Class-IV to the post of Clerk.

   11.  Sanction of Casual and Station leave to all Head of Offices in the Distt.




1.        Sanction of Medical Reimbursement    

2.        Expenditure of Class-II, III & IV employees upto Rs. 10,000/- in each case.

3.        Sanction of Refundable GPF Advance vide Rule 13.14 of Punjab C.S.R. Volume-II




1.      Payment of Pay & allowances to all the establishment of the office.

2.      Complaint & Enquiry.


3.      Training of newly appointed I.A.S., H.C.S., Tehsildar & Naib Tehsildars.







Revenue Section


1     Administrative control over Tehsildar/NTs

2    Watching the working of all CROs

3        Appointment of AWBN

4    Reviewing of the ACRs of AWBN/WBN/DRA

1        ACR accepting and conveying authority of AWBN/WBN/DRA

2        Punishing Authority of AWBN/WBN/DRA

3        Seniority list of AWBN/WBN/DRA

4        Grant of ACP scales AWBN/WBN/DRA

5        Promotion of WBN/TRA/DRA

6        Sanction of committed leave of AWBN/WBN/DRA.

7        Sanction of journey beyond jurisdiction to all the establishment of the office.


1                      Sanction of Medical Reimbursement Expdr. of class II,III & IV employees upto Rs. 10000/- in each case .

2                      Sanction of Refundable GPF Advance vide rule 13.14 of Pb CSR Volume-II


1     Recovery of Govt. dues under Head-0029-other Land Revenue, 0701 Abiana and Misc. dues




FRA branch


1.        Recommendations for grant of financial assistance in the case of natural calamities on the basis of reports made by the field staff.

2.        To prepare the flood control order

3.        To make recommendations for inclusion of any item to be added in the agenda of flood control board Haryana





Miscellaneous Branch


1        Maintenance of Law and order

2        Conduct of Examination.

3        To conduct marriage under special marriage act

4        Tour programme of V.I.P.

5        Cinema License

6        Character verification of commission candidate

7        Issuing various certificate

8        Permission of Rallies /Functions, Jagran, cultural Programs etc.

9         Allotment of Govt. Houses or buildings.